Thursday, December 07, 2006

Giant Shrimp Attacks Dog

This is a video of a flying giant shrimp attacking my dog Curry. This will be on the upcoming Crappy Kitchen episode "Trip to Tom's Cabin, Vol. 1" If you want to check out the "Spanish Rice" episode of the Crappy Kitchen, click on "September" under "Archives" and scroll down until you see it. Click on the forward arrow.


Back in May 2003, a couple months after I bought a digital video camera, I decided it might be cool to tape the leaves growing on a branch which hung over the railing of the deck where I lived. I would film a few seconds a day until the leaves were full.
On about the third or fourth day I discovered a Robin had laid 4 blue eggs in a nest that was tangled in black cable on a low shelf of a table on the deck. Needless to say the focus of the movie shifted from the branch to the Robins nest.
In about 9 days the chicks went from eggs, to fully grown Robins ready to take on the world. During that time I captured some insane footage, and learned how the Mother Robin keeps the nest clean. Here it is, finally! Enjoy!!