Thursday, December 07, 2006


Back in May 2003, a couple months after I bought a digital video camera, I decided it might be cool to tape the leaves growing on a branch which hung over the railing of the deck where I lived. I would film a few seconds a day until the leaves were full.
On about the third or fourth day I discovered a Robin had laid 4 blue eggs in a nest that was tangled in black cable on a low shelf of a table on the deck. Needless to say the focus of the movie shifted from the branch to the Robins nest.
In about 9 days the chicks went from eggs, to fully grown Robins ready to take on the world. During that time I captured some insane footage, and learned how the Mother Robin keeps the nest clean. Here it is, finally! Enjoy!!

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Teebes said...

Nice jobs guys, you need to make a video every couple of months to show what the Minn. lake home looks like thru out the year. Teebes