Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2 great songs by Janes Addiction

I've got my negativity band bashing out of my system with the blog a few days ago. I will now begin a never ending series of positivity blogs entitled: "2 great songs by (artist)"
It will name 2 great songs by a particular artist and breifly, or maybe not so briefly, explain why I think they are great songs. My first entry is 2 great songs by Jane's Addiction. The first one is "Stop" off of " Ritual de lo habitual" 1990 I think. For me this song captures that fear in the back of my mind that I have had since I was about in 7th grade when I was told by someone that the USA and Russia have enough bombs to blow up the world many times over. In 8th grade in a political Science class we saw a film called "Fail Safe"
about the US accidentally dropping a nuke on Moscow, and them retaliating by sending a nuke to New York. From that day I could never get it out of my mind. It didn't leave me numb or anything but is was an unwaivering fear that I lived with. I would always have nightmares of walking outside and seeing a mushroom cloud coming from the direction of the Minneapolis skyline which was about 15 miles from my house at the time. I would hear a voice screaming, "France did it" Anyway to make a short story long, the song "Stop" encompasses that feeling of seeing the world heading in a direction where almost no one wants it to go and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. Well maybe there is we just haven't figured it out yet. Luckily most of us aren't curled up in the fetal position in the corner of a room in a mental ward weeping "The End is near" So go on with your life and basically just don't be an asshole, you know like those EnRon ceo types. Anyway, back to the song, here are a couple lines in the song that are most memoreable for me... "Save the complaints for party conversation. The world is loaded. It's lit to pop and nobody is gunna stop"
and during the trippy slow part, my favorite line..."One come a day the water will run no man will stand for things that he had done, hurrah!! And the water will run"
The other great song is off of "Nothing's Shocking" called "Ocean size" I won't go into detail as much about this one, but I love the lyrics and what it symbolizes...
"Wish I was Ocean size, they cannot move you man no one tries" Anyway, that's enough for now.

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Child of Darkness said...

Interesting thoughts. I think that I am going to have to go out and listen to these songs now that you have sparked my interest. Sounds like some very dark subject matters are being delt with here and I can most definately relate to that.

Samurai Jack said...

I believe the first Janes Addiction song I listened to was one recently on tv with the video to accompany it. I can honestly say that I didn't care for it much because they were very glamourous and seemed self centered. I guess I didn't research much further into them so that wasn't a fair judgement. I might have to reconsider, thanks.

Robb said...

A few years ago I was at the Gravity Games in Cleveland which were right next to the Rock and Roll hall of fame with my brother and another friend. Jane's Addiction was one of the bands that played. I enjoy some of their music but I was not impressed with their stage show at all. After about 2 songs we actually left because we were bored. I must not be the type of person their show was directed to. They also seemed a little out of place as most of the other bands were punk rock.

laekrits said...

dusty blog.. the first thought I had when I read "hurrah!! And the water will run" was "but this is a recurring theme with jane's addiction", and then you move onto ocean size (o: farrell's folksy philosophies are usually spot on, but I was hoping for the guitarist's perspective, since navarro does a lot of the heavy lifting on their best stuff, and comparisons could be made between your playing styles..